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You have questions - we have answers. You have challenges - we have solutions. You have dreams - we have the tools to fulfill them. Whatever you need to get your web hosting and website design program up and running, SKGOLD Marketing is your go-to partner.


Whether you are launching a professional website for your business, an internet marketing program, or  a personal site to post news and photos, we have the experience and skills to get you going. And if you need more than a nudge to bring your vision to reality, youíll find all the help you need, right here.


Domain Name Registrations in Canadian Dollars at Wholesale Price
Professional Website Design with Search Engine Optimization in mind
Website Builder - do-it-yourself without programming & hosting experience
Reliable and affordable web hosting with 99.9 percent uptime guarantee
Full Internet Marketing and SEO services for attracting potential customers


A new business with its own website takes shape in a series of steps. To get the most impact from branding, you might want to start with a distinctive logo. Then you need to select and register a domain name; this will be both your online name and address. Planning and designing your site is very important Ė you want your visitors to find exactly what theyíre looking for with only one or two clicks. Does it sound like a lot of work? Donít worry, weíre here to help you every step of the way.



1. Domain Name Registration - Make Your Online Name Official


Your domain name is your online identity. You need a domain name to establish a web presence, and tell your visitors who you are or what you do. Obviously, itís a very important piece of your online image, and you want to choose it with care. Selecting a good name isnít the end of the process, though; you must register it to make it yours.


We will take care of registering your domain name for you, and itís entirely painless. First, check to confirm that the name you want to register isnít taken Ė we have a tool for that. If itís available, decide whether you want to register for one or two years, add it to your shopping cart, and off you go! Youíve taken the first step in creating your website.


Register Your Domain Name TODAY - Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!




2. Website Design - Business Meets Creativity


Youíre an experienced Internet user, so you should have some idea what makes good website design.  Think about the sites you like to use and consider how they work. Does the site load quickly? Can you read the text? Can you find your way around with ease? These are all elements of good website design, and they are the details that can make a difference in your business success.


The challenge with website design is twofold: first, you need to know what will work for your business, and you also need to know how to ďwriteĒ the site so it works the way you want it to. Web builders use special languages that describe how a web page will appear to a viewer, as well as how it will perform. You say youíre not bilingual? Not a problem Ė SKGOLD Marketing can build a website that not only works the way you want it to, but one that attracts search engines.


Work with a firm that knows how to use tags, how to create strong headings and how to produce strong, content-rich material Ė these are the details that attract search engines and that can land your site on the first page of search results. SKGOLD Marketing will work with you to create an attractive, efficient and effective website the first time.


Request Web Design Quotation TODAY - We build websites that WORK!!!!




3. Website Builder - Yes, You Can!


Great things happen when creative people put their minds and hearts into a project. If youíre one of those do-it-yourselfers, if you like to roll your sleeves up and put yourself in the center of the creative action, SKGOLDís Website Builder is the tool for you.


When you build your own website with Website Builder, we put all the tools you need right at your fingertips. And you donít need any previous experience or technical skill to use it. What you do need is a concept, an idea, a vision for your online business. Your plan, our tool Ė itís a magic partnership.


The Website Builder at SKGOLD presents you with a simple, step-by-step series of screens and menus that literally walk you through the process of building your own website. You select the template, the color scheme, and the features you want to provide for your customers. Do you need a shopping cart? We have that. Do you want to create a photo album? Do it with Website Builder. Do you want to solicit feedback from your visitors? We have a form you can use.


Get Your Website Builder TODAY - Build and Manage Website Yourself - Simple and Easy!




4. Web Hosting - Make Your Web Campaign Work Like a Well-Oiled Machine


Itís pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and SKGOLD provides reliable and affordable web hosting solutions for all your website needs. Think of it like this: we give you a place to hang your website, much as an innkeeper gives you a place to hang your hat.


Your customers expect to reach you online when itís convenient for them Ė thatís what the internet does for business. So imagine their frustration when they try to visit your business and discover that your web hostís server is down. That error message is not going to encourage them to return to your site any time soon. SKGOLD guarantees 99.9 percent uptime when you use their web hosting services. And if you have a problem, you can contact them anytime, 24/7.


Choose Your Web Hosting Plan TODAY - Affordable and Reliable Local Website Hosting!




5. Internet Marketing and SEO - Increase Your Visibility


It seems a shame when an online business creates a cool site, a real beauty, with all the bells and whistles imaginable, and still no one visits. Itís not lack of interest thatís keeping their customers away, itís lack of visibility. Youíve heard it again and again, and itís true Ė you want your site to appear on the first page of search engine results. So once youíve built it, you need to optimize your site to attract search engines.


The experts who work for popular search engines will tell you there is no single formula that determines your search ranking. For that reason, the SEO professionals at SKGOLD Marketing use a variety of techniques to help search engines find your site. Itís an extensive list that includes brand development, content-rich online PR, and social networking.


You have two different options when you choose SKGOLD: you can let us get to work on your SEO needs, or you can use our tools and tips and to it yourself. Either way, youíll improve your websiteís visibility, which means more people will find you when theyíre looking for you.


Create Internet Marketing & SEO Campaign TODAY - Attract Customers & Increase Revenue!




About SKGOLD Marketing Ltd.


SKGOLD Marketing has been providing solutions in the Internet Marketing business since 1999. Our clients trust us to handle all the technical details associated with running an online business today. We have designed hundreds of unique websites, and our SEO team put them on the first page in Google, Yahoo and MSN results. We can register your domain name for you and host your website. We also created, promoted and operate many of our own websites including,, and much more...


Make SKGOLD Marketing your partner for Web Hosting, Website Design, and Internet Marketing!!!


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